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Psychological benefits of greenspace increase with biodiversity. Han K.

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Influence of limitedly visible leafy indoor plants on the psychology, behaviour, and health of students at a junior high school in Taiwan. Shinew K. Leisure spaces as potential sites for interracial interaction: Community gardens in urban areas. Leisure Res. Shin W. Forest experience and psychological health benefits. Health Prev. Hansem-Ketchum P. Engaging with nature to promote health: New directions for nursing research.

Maller C. Health Promot. Frumkin H. Healthy places: Exploring the evidence. Public Health. Barker S. The benefits of human-companion animal interaction: A review. Bringslimark T. The psychological benefits of indoor plants: A critical review of the experimental literature. Brown C.

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Biodiversity and human health: What role for nature in healthy urban planning? Built Environ. Mitchell R. Effect of exposure to natural environment on health inequalities: An observational population study. Kuo F. Environment and crime in the inner city: Does vegetation reduce crime. Fischer A. Latitudinal variations in organic diversity. Boakes E. Extreme contagion in global habitat clearance. B Biol. Kasturiratne A. The global burden of snakebite: A literature analysis and modelling based on regional estimates of envenoming and deaths. PLoS Med.

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Grace D. Mapping of Poverty and Likely Zoonoses Hotspots. Zoonoses Project 4. Teel T. The need and theoretical basis for exploring wildlife value orientations cross-culturally. Warber S. Relationship between People and Plants. In: Cseke L. Natural Products from Plants. The mental and physical health outcomes of green exercise. Health Res. Understanding urban green space as a health resource: A qualitative comparison of visit motivation and derived effects among park users in Sheffield, UK.

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  4. Economic and environmental benefits of biodiversity. Psychological benefits of indoor plants in workplaces: Putting experimental results into context. Dijkstra K. Stress-reducing effects of indoor plants in the built healthcare environment: The mediating role of perceived attractiveness.

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    Hansmann R. Restoration and stress relief through physical activities in forests and parks. Urban Forestry Urban Greening. Some psychological benefits of gardening. Cackowski J. The restorative effects of roadside vegetation: Implications for automobile driver anger and frustration. Ocean Coast. Curtin S.

    Wildlife tourism: The intangible, psychological benefits of human-wildlife encounters. Issues Tourism. Fredrickson L. A qualitative exploration of the wilderness experience as a source of spiritual inspiration. Bennett L. Effects of a therapeutic camping program on addiction recovery. Abuse Treat.

    It's official -- spending time outside is good for you

    Natural versus urban scenes: Some psychophysiological effects. Stress recovery during exposure to natural and urban environments. Hartig T. Restorative effects of natural environment experiences. Williams K. Transcendent experience in forest environments. Ransom K. Pearson L. The impact of Noosa National Park on surrounding property values: An application of the hedonic price method.

    Zeppel H. Education and conservation benefits of marine wildlife tours: Developing free choice learning experiences. Serpell J. Beneficial effects of pet ownership on some aspects of human health and behaviour. Lepczyk C. Assessing landowner activities related to birds across rural-to-urban landscapes.