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Political revolution mirrored another kind of revolution: female emancipation. Theories of gender division took on in the 19th century a great power, projecting social contradictions. The ideological separation of public and private, work and home, which accompanied the rise of the Victorian middle class, was mirrored by a clear-cut division between male and female spheres. They should have been passive and powerless, sympathetic and self-sacrificing, submitted to their husbands and especially pure.

Women were considered servile figures to provide entertainment for males, i. This submission was justified on the grounds of the supposed intellectual inferiority of women. Even though the Industrial Revolution brought advantages for lower-class women, offering them new factory employment instead of household works, there was for the middle class only one option for respectable employment: working as a governess.

Feminine idleness and boredom was restricted to women in upper and middle-class families, while the ones from the same classes whose families had lost their fortunes, were obliged work as governesses. Struggle for independence in Victorian England changed remarkably the status of women, offering a great variety of professional opportunities.

Philantropy was the first feminist movement to be noticed at that time. In missions belonging to this current offered an occupation to those middle-class women, who felt their life was futile. A second philantropical phase sees remunerated working women, and special schools were created to train women in working as missionaries in hospitals, in schools and in charitable institutions.

She was also that most unfortunate individual; the single, middle-class woman, who had to earn her own living …. Marriage was a solution, but an idependent woman would marry only a man she could respect. Excluding marriage and family support, a governess was obliged to keep her position all her life. When Jane Eyre was published in , the reviwers were favourable and they were in doubt whether the author was a man or a woman, since the pseudonym Charlotte adopted Currer Bell to hide her sex was ambiguous.

When it became known that a woman had written the novel, the reviewers became harder.

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What Currer Bell had done, was to recognise the equality of the sexes concerning passion. Charlotte Bronte suffered deeply about the condition of oppressed women, especially of those, whose only fault was to own no fortune or to be no pretty girls, like herself, but whose intelligence was evident. Though a true lady does not, according to that time, freely express her own feelings, Jane does not follow the rules. Nevertheless Jane has trouble setting into society, not just because her strong passions, but, above all, because of her gender. P B Paola Bertolino Author. Add to cart.

Inhalt 1. The publication of the novel and its innovative meaning 2. Unconventional Jane 3. Description of the theme chosen At a first reading Jane Eyre may appear a conventional love story, where the two lovers have to overcome many obstacles in order to live together in perfect union. This last, novelistic reference to St.

John, although not nearly as famous as the statement 'reader, I married him,' is just as important when analyzing the differences between the book and movie versions of Charlotte Bronte film. This last reference to St. John, and the intimate reference to the reader of the text stresses the two key elements of distinction between film…… [Read More]. Jane Eyre's Lessons in Inner Beauty the.

Jane Eyre's Lessons In Inner Beauty The notion of beauty, what it is and whether it is an inner or outward quality, has been long debated. For centuries people, and particularly women, have struggled with the concept of their own inner beauty as something as important, if not more important than their outward, physical beauty.

This is no less true in literature. The idea of female inner beauty has not always been valued. In Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre, the protagonist, Jane, rejects her own outer beauty in favour of nurturing her intellect, her humility and those other inner qualities that she herself views as beautiful. She respects her wisdom and philosophy before any of her physical attributes, partly because of her need as a child to read, partly from the lessons she is taught.

The ideas she embraces as a child regarding outer beauty are reinforced as they reappear in…… [Read More]. The title page reads Jane Eyre: An Autobiography but the work is credited to Currer Bell, an apparently male pseudonym. The author's involvement with the text is therefore signposted from the moment we open the book -- what does it mean for a work to be described as an "autobiography" but ascribed to a different writer? Obviously an autobiography can be ghost-written -- it is unlikely most of the Hollywood celebrities who publish an autobiography in have written these books without assistance -- but a ghost-writer is not normally credited on the title page, which ought to read "The Autobiography of Jane Eyre.

Now of course that we know the author of the…… [Read More].

Jane Eyre Essays | GradeSaver

Although the novel is widely considered a classic, and is therefore presumed to be timeless in terms of its characters and themes, when a contemporary filmmaker wished to adapt its themes for present day audiences, there were certain aspects of the work that demanded changes, not in plot but in thematic emphasis and visual depiction.

First of all, the religious themes of the novel were toned down. Bronte's religious concerns were presumed to be of less interest to modern audiences. Secondly, the passion between Jane and Mr. Rochester was made much more explicit in the film. In prose, Jane's doubts about Rochester's love sound more real.

Lastly, the contrast between book and…… [Read More]. Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre, the desire of the protagonist to be loved is overpowered by her desire to be independent and autonomous. The difficulty, of course, is that Jane Eyre is first published in this was a world in which the humble governess who gives the novel its title was without rights and opportunities. Gilbert and Susan Gubar note that the novel was considered shocking, but not for any of the reasons that a twenty-first century reader might expect: they note that "Victorian reviewers….

This "refusal to submit to…social destiny" is the heart of Jane's desire for independence and autonomy, to the extent that they were even achievable…… [Read More]. Jane Eyre and Orientalism The quality of Orientalism in Jane Eyre is that of the exotic, wild and impassioned element that lurks both within the mysterious character of Mr. The "oriental" character is viewed as something that is foreign, in need of order, restraint and reason and yet which attracts the characters including both Mr.

1. Introduction

Rochester and the missionary St. Yet the effects of the "oriental" on the spirits and moods of the two extremes represented by Rochester and St. John are similar: each becomes a kind of representation of death -- Rochester is trapped by a former, erotic love, now cut off from romantic love due to the laws of God and…… [Read More]. Representation of Women in Jane Eyre Great.

Producing a Jane Eyre Essay

Jekyll and Mr. During the period, women and men had very different roles in the society. Women and men perceptions were ideologically different. Men were superior to women during this period. It was a believe during the Victorian era that men had the capacity to reason, had their own self-interest, had the right of choice, as well as independence. This was not the case for women since women did not enjoy such rights Goldhill, A woman of this era had to portray her feminine characteristics, which meant that one had to be emotionally dependent on their men, and had to be submissive.

Following such outlook and…… [Read More].

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Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre have captured the imagination of successive generations of critics, from the time they were published till today. Widely acclaimed, these two novels continue to literally mesmerize scholars as the harbingers of a unique literary genre of romance in a gothic drama setting, which is related with harsh vitalism and lack of moral zeal. More than their technical aspects, however, a review of the critical literature on these two works reveals an almost unanimous view that the enduring appeal of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre lies in the works' ability to virtually unplug human emotion and expose it in its raw form.

Charlotte ronte, the author of Jane Eyre, and Emily ronte, the author of Wuthering Heights were sisters. It was, therefore, but natural that a shared upbringing, a sibling relationship, and common influences found its way into the literary works that they penned. As such,…… [Read More]. Gothic Novel Jane Eyre. After Walpole, the word assumed two new major meanings -- first, vigorous, bold, heroic and ancient; and second, quaint, charming, romantic, but perhaps a little decadent in its association with Romanticism, but sentimental and interesting" Of course, leiler is referring to Walpole's The Castle of Otranto, first published in , which introduced English readers to what is now called "Gothic Romanticism," a style of fiction characterized by the use of desolate or remote settings and macabre, mysterious or violent incidents.

Following Walpole's The Castle of Otranto, the Gothic novel took on new dimensions and the terms Gothicism and Romanticism became linked forever in many other works of fiction between and This link is connected chronologically by numerous themes…… [Read More]. Victorian novel Jane Eyre including societal rules, social position of Jane, writing style of Bronte, use of dark language and metaphors. JANE EYE Jane Eyre is one of the most interesting heroines of the Victorian age and her unique position in the novel has sparked many debates regarding the role of women in old English societies.

The fact that Jane was a governess and not a rich person suitable for ochester adds to her miseries. It appears that the beautiful emotion of love was missing from that society because though Jane understands the feeling, she knows that ochester wouldn't be able to reciprocate due to society strictures.

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In that age, it was believed that one must marry a person equal in social standing and thus love rarely was accepted as a reason to tie the knot. Jane's low social position adds to her wretched circumstances as ochester, though he loves…… [Read More]. Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre illustrate Jane's troubled beginnings as an orphaned girl.

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  6. The narrator of the story, Jane describes her being raised by her cruel aunt Mrs. Reed at the family's Gateshead Hall. At only ten years old, Jane's formative years fill with psychologically traumatic experiences. Her own aunt and cousin John act as Jane's primary antagonists at this point in the novel. Resentful of Jane and patronizing her for her poor and orphaned state, Mrs.

    Reed and her son John tease and patronize the young girl. But her strength of character succeeds; although at first Jane maintained a low profile at Gateshead in an attempt to ignore John's punishments, she finally reacts. Fighting John landed Jane in the red-room, but it also led her to the kind-hearted Bessie and Mr.

    Jane's honesty and ability to open up to the nurse and apothecary garner sympathy and she gains…… [Read More]. Charlotte Bronte's novel Jane Eyre the main character Jane is faced with many difficulties while attending Lowood School that force her to strengthen her resolve to persiveer in spite of many obsticles.

    get link While initially Jane is eager for an escape from her life at Gateshead she soon finds that the past often shapes ones future and that life away from her cruel Aunt does not necessarily mean an end to her unhappiness. Jane realizes that her own views of religion vary greatly from those around her and have potential to greatly influence the path her life takes. She also soon learns that the school is under the total domination of Mr.