Are professional athletes paid too much essay

Are professional athletes paid too much?
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Tiger Woods, along with many other professional athletes, certainly think so. But do these athletes really deserve all that money? In my mind, absolutely not. Teaching is one of the most economically important occupations because our future economy relies on the education of its youth, yet teachers are paid astronomically less than the average professional athlete is. While President Obama is hard at work reviving the economy, the unproven rookie in the MLB is earning way over that figure. Furthermore, police officers, firefighters, and doctors save lives while risking their own for a fraction of what sports stars make.

People in the military leave their families at home to defend and protect the country knowing they may never return. It's truly a pity that none of these true heroes are given the same recognition by society as athletes such as Brett Favre or Michael Jordan are given.

Are Actors And Professional Athletes Paid Too Much Essay -

Moreover, in my mind, if these athletes want to continue to be rewarded with the fame and fortune that is unfairly bestowed upon them, they must prove to the world that they are going to be positive role models for future athletes, and those who admire them. These infamous players must grow up, and prove to America that they can be positive role models for kids on and off the field.

These games started out unregulated, injuring many players because the games became too aggressive. As the sports became more popular leagues started that would play other schools. Instead of school taking priority, athletes would skip days of school without having to come back. Association NCAA , and the participating colleges, which has started the debate of whether college athletes should be rewarded beyond their athletic scholarships. This paper will attempt to answer the question as to whether college athletes should be paid by explaining some pros and cons of this subject.

Athletes form the basic unit of intercollegiate sports. Despite the success of NCAA tournaments, athletes do not receive any money for play.

Paying College Athletes

The main reason fronted by the NCAA for lack of payment is. This is how college athletes are feeling today. Ineffective, useless and unproductive. Many people in the college sports industry are getting paid except for the people who are accomplishing the most, the athletes. They put in the work, time, and effort to their athletics but their academics are being overlooked totally.

With so many mixed emotions and laws standing in the way, there has not been as much commotion over this. Since the establishment of the organization, the only money that has been offered to student athletes is in the form of a scholarship. As of right now, student athletes do not receive salaries, only some form of scholarships. If these student athletes were given salaries instead, it could go a long way.

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Most people have a perception that these athletes are on full ride scholarships and can afford everything they need in college. Well this is incorrect; in fact these division one athletes have to pay to live comfortably, even though they are making their schools millions of dollars from their talents being showcased. They are being taken advantage of and a change must come.

Are Actors And Professional Athletes Paid Too Much?

College athletes, who. To most people one million dollars a lot of money, to most people one thousand dollars is a lot, but even though it is hard to believe, to some people these figures mean nothing.

Are NBA Players Making Too Much Money?

It is no secret that professional athletes particularly those who play soccer, golf, and race F1 cars make big bucks, but people do not realize to what extent. The average NBA career lasts 6. Injuries are also a large part of pro sports, maybe not so much for tiger woods, but for players of contact sports such as Rugby and Australian Rules Football they can ruin careers.

Its not only the injuries themselves that justifies the money the players earn, but the pain suffered from the injuries, the players pushing themselves physically or just the constant hits and tackles that cause pain during and after the match. Often, even without trying an elite athlete becomes a role model for young people, this is because they are fit, focused and famous.

Professional Athletes Being Paid Too Much Essay

For tiger this was the case ever since he could remember because at the age of two he was on TV because of his unique golfing talents. Being in his position means a normal personal family problem turns into media fodder. To be one of the best in the world at any sport there will need to be sacrifices in the way you eat, drink and generally live. Such as no alcohol or drugs, no going out at night and less time to spend with family and friends.

Not only do they work during their particular season, they also work in the off season.

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