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She didn't care what the men thought. She cared about the cattle. Temple's role as a change agent threatened their power: she had the ability to change the entire physical structure of the building, and the steps handlers took to move animals through it—their very jobs! Until recently in human history, sexism has been so entrenched and accepted in most societies and cultures that men have resisted sharing power with women.

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In one case with Temple, jealously was identified as their motivation to resist Temple p. An emotion she doesn't really understand! Chapter Design. How did a natural threat to cattle in the s advance Temple Grandin's research? Ranchers in Arizona were faced with loss of money from cattle infested by mites, which made them lose weight or even die from itching and infeciton they caused. The accepted solution at the time was to force animals to walk through a pool of medicine to kill the mites, called dip vats.

But animals didn't like entering dip vats, and ranchers lost still more money to panicking animals who balked at the vats, drowned as they panicked, or refused to go in, which worsened the mite infestation in the herd. How was Temple Grandin uniquely suited to solving the dip vat entry problem? Name some elements of her breakthrough design. With her superability from autism, Temple has a "cow's eye view" of the problem.

My unforgettable experience in school

She perceives light, shadow, sounds, and environmental threats as a prey animal does—not as a rancher does. Looking at the design, she understood immediately the problem that scared cattle so badly: the slippery, steep slope of a metal ramp. They didn't feel safe on it. Said Temple: "I wouldn't have liked the slippery metal ramp either. Those cattle must have felt as if they were being forced down an airplane escape slide into the ocean.

With that understanding, she could correct the problem through design: give them concrete footing so they could enter water securely, single file, as they do in nature. Other elements of the breakthrough design were solid walls so they couldn't see objects that might frighten them and curved paths accommodating a cattle behavior drive to "go home," moving in a circle with other cattle, single file.

Her designs pay special attention to making cattle feel comfortable and safe see blueprint, p. Chapter Slaughterhouse Hell and Heaven. Of all the awful things Temple Grandin endured—teasing at school, getting expelled from school, sexism early in her career—why was her visit to the Spencer, Iowa, food plant the worst? This was a kosher slaughterhouse where Jewish food laws required the animals to be killed by cutting their throats and there was an archaic system in place to accommodate that: Live animals were hoisted by their hind legs, which often broke in the process, and they were screaming and bellowing the entire time, a herd communication that terrified all the animals waiting to be hoisted.

Essay on My School

By applying her scientific knowledge about cattle behavior and the success of her dip vat designs, she could relieve their suffering. How can a person who loves cattle, and believes them to be her best friends, design systems for killing them, or eat a steak? Temple is a realist and she is rational. She looks at data, like a true scientist.

And she sees that despite the cultural popularity of vegetariansim in the U. Said Temple: "If I had my druthers, people would have evolved as plant-eaters and wouldn't kill animals for food at all.

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But I don't see the whole human race converting to vegetarianism anytime soon. Bonus Temple Truth: What should a humane, dignified death for food animals be like? Look at her blueprint design after p. A food animal should have a death that is calm, secure, and free of pain, fear, yelling from handlers, poking with electric prods. The Stairway to Heaven accommodates this by having them walk up, which they feel more comfortable doing than down a slippery ramp, to a quick and painless death by a blow to the brain from a bolt stunner.

Chapter Measuring.

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  7. Science is data driven. It is based on obtaining repeatable evidence that supports the conclusions and the standards it proposes. How did Temple propose scientifically evaluating the behavior of cattle to determine if they were calm or fearful in her slaughterhouse designs?

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    From her animal behavior expertise, she knew cattle bellow and moo and vocalize, as scientists say, when they are not comfortable. A contented cow is a quiet cow. Counting moos is a measure of distress that can be used to formulate a comfort index and scoring system. Said Temple: "Let's look at the animals. Let's look at what they are actually doing and find things we can measure.

    Like counting moos.

    Essay 2 on my school (150 words)

    Like all scientists, Temple's work continues to grow and evolve in new directions. What is the current focus of her work? She designs less and teaches more. Her teaching focuses on educating people to treat animals more humanely. She can point to her animal handling designs that are used around the world as evidence that humane treatment is the right treatment. Said Temple on why she focuses on teaching: "I thought I could fix everything with engineering.

    But you know, engineering can only fix half the problems. The other half is management, and I was very frustrated with that. Chapter Today. Describe Temple Grandin's home.

    How We Infuse Faith

    Visualize it! Then tell about the awards, plaques, and figurines she has. What does she do with mirrors? Why do you think she does that? The office is piled with books and magazines, hundreds of press passes, and badges on walls—even on the curtains. Mirrors are just another surface for hanging things, not for reflecting her image. She probably does that because her autistic brain is not that interested in her external self: she likes her interior life; thinking in pictures, the life of the mind, problem solving, using science to help animals be treated ethically. Temple Grandin is incredibly successful.

    Animals' lives are much improved because of her. Does that mean she has recovered from autism? A person never "recovers" from autism.


    It is not an infectious disease. It is a condition of brain development and neurodiversity. She is autistic and she is successful—and largely because of her autism! This so-called disability is her superability to focus, follow through, and single-mindedly fix on a problem to use science to solve it.

    Her autistic traits are still there, still obvious. She has trouble pronouncing certain words; she is uncomfortable making eye contact with people, but has trained herself to do so; she is learning how to hug and to read people's facial expressions; she trained herself to care about hygiene as much as other people notice her teeth are blemished. Most people might seek cosmetic dentistry. But among those people, Temple feels like "an anthropologist on Mars. When I was at school I met my big brother and friends after a long time. So, they set out in the morning and return home in the evening. My mother is also highly-educated, but she is a housewife. Like many other proud nations in the world Bangladeshi people have also an Independence Day which is observed on 26th March and it is also a public holiday in Bangladesh. Udara Supuni Sathsarani Grade 7-c Five-paragraph essays are a specific writing assignment format that dictates a one-paragraph introduction, a three-paragraph body and a one-paragraph conclusion.

    They are mostly from Indian history and mythology.